Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

Most would not assume a petite brunette beauty had such a brutal choker hold, but she does. Not only can she choke her slave, but she is so brutal he turns bright red. Jenna also is very good at wrestling as well. She has perfect form and shows her slave just how powerful her toned firm legs are. This girl needs to be in the Olympics.

Loona may be young, but that doesn't stop her from showing her slave that she is going to strangle, punish him in every which way, and degrade him. Don't ever let her youth fool you, Loona is a very aggressive young domina that loves her work to the fullest. Dominance is Loona's favorite thing to do, and she is going to only get better as she gets older.

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