Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

Lady Manon is a first class dominatrix that is amazing to look at. She is so freaking sexy and hot, so when she decides to brutalize her slave, it is such a great site to see. She is going to take her naughty outfit and smother her ass and pussy right on his face, then step on him when her perfect bare feet. Her slave is going to be punished.

Katharina is so strong and dominating, only a true fool would question her strength and flexibility. She is going to take her loser slave and crush him. She is going to choke him between her strong thighs, get him in a head lock, and even place her feet on his throat. The slave will never mess with her again, and knows she means business. He is so weak.

Jeanette can be a brutal dominatrix, but when her slave challenges her strength, the only thing she can do is hold him down and choke him. With all of her power and strength, she is going to show him who is boss and to never question her strength again. She gets a good grip on him, so he knows she is very serious about challenging her again.

Adriana is so pretty when she is dressed up. She wears her dress so nice, but deep inside she has a brutal and sadistic way about her. She is going to tie up her slave boy and totally beat him up. Her slave is going to be stepped on, crushed, and then she is going to choke him. Her slave doesn't stand a chance against this brutal lady.

Lady Melissa is a sexy blonde mistress that gets on top of her slave as he lays on the floor on his back and she puts her powerful knees down on the floor and she presses down on his throat and chokes him with her hands. She then sits on his chest with her full weight pressing down on him while she continues to choke him with her hands.

Lady Monon is a sexy blonde mistress that takes her slave and chokes him out with the power of her bare hands. She sits on top of him and she wraps her hands around his throat and she then takes body weight and presses forward squeezing her slaves throat as hard as she possibly could. She makes sure that her slave does not get any fresh air as she chokes him.

This brunette mistress is not in the mood to get messed with that takes her frustration out on her slave Steve as she pins him down on the mats and puts him in a sleeper hold as she lays on the floor underneath of him. She locks her arms around his neck and squeezes him tightly as she prevents him from breathing and his face turns bright red until he passes out.

Mistress Zoe may appear to be a sexy sweet innocent school girl but when she starts to dominate her slave she shows off her true colors. She makes her slave lay down on the floor on his back and she gets on top of him and chokes him with her hands around his throat. She then sits on his chest with her full weight and presses her feet deep into his throat until his face turns red.

This sexy brunette mistress has no problem using her strong muscular arms to wrap them around her slave Steve's neck and applying pressure as she starts to choke him and puts him into a sleeper hold. This sexy mistress keeps choking him getting her arms tighter and tighter around his neck until he is struggling to breathe and his face turns red and then he finally passes out and falls asleep.

Punk Lady is a sexy blonde mistress wearing black clothes and stockings and she is very angry and she takes it all out on her slaves throat as she strangles him. She take her feet and press them down on his throat and then she uses her hands so he can not breathe. She finally sits on his throat with her full weight pressing down so it is impossible for her slave to breathe.

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