Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

Mistress Katja is a sexy blonde mistress and she is having some fun with her loser slave as she lays him on the floor and has him tied up. She then handcuffs her loser slave and she gets on top of him and then wraps her hands around his neck and starts choking him. She then wants to choke him harder so she wraps the rope around his neck and starts choking him with it.

This loser slave has underestimated his sexy mistress because he thinks that she is less than because she is a female. She quickly teaches him a lesson as she throws him down on the floor and then throws a couple of good blows to him. Then she puts him in a choke hold as she wraps her strong legs around his neck and squeezes until his face turns bright red like a boiled lobster.

When it's time to start her day, she gets up and calls her slave to her. She puts him on the sofa and starts to choke him. She loves to get in his face, strangling him so that he can smell her breath as he gasps for his own. She then gets behind him and starts to choke him with her strong thighs. When she is done with him, she puts him in a sleeper hold and puts him back to sleep.

When Robin gets up, she knows that she has to work out. She knows that she has to burn the calories up from the day before and if she doesn't she will lose her figure. She calls her exhausted slave Steve into the room and she starts to wrestle with him. Since he doesn't want to wrestle with her properly, she decided to put him in different sleeper holds. She loved watching him turn colors and pass out.

When it's time for Cleo Lady Latexxa to relax, she does it in a brutal fashion. She enjoys coming home and throwing her slave to the floor. As she smiles, she puts her feet in his neck and stands with her full weight on him. It amuses her to watch his face turn different shades to pink and red. She loves watching him gasp for breath and beg for mercy.

When Steve took her in to tutor her, he didn't think she would ever learn the holds. He didn't think she would ever be able to choke him. One day, she surprised him and put him into an unbreakable choke hold. As she is choking him, she let him know that he was her bitch now and what she wanted, he would provide. She let him know what he was and who owned him.

When she practices her choke holds, she is happy to do it in a thong. She wants her slave to smell the sweat that covers her and she wants him to get addicted to the smell of her. When She puts him in the first choke hold, she is happy to make him smell her sweaty pussy. She gets up and puts him in a couple more positions until he passes out.

When it's time to wrestle, she normally doesn't win. She always found herself under her slave Steve. After practicing and working at it, she finally wins and she learns how to choke him. She is intent on putting him to sleep and he doesn't have a choice but to let her. As she chokes him, she is happy to tell him the new rules of their relationship because she will not allow him to get away with the things that he's been doing now that she can put him into choke holds.

Lady Saya does different things to make sure that her day runs well. When she is feeling frustrated, she calls her slave to her. She puts him on the floor and sits on his neck. she knows that he is struggling to breathe and all and breathing the scent of her pussy in. She gets up and starts to choke him with her hands. She loves it. Before she leaves him alone, she sits her ass on his throat again to make him smell it before she leaves. She loves having a slave.

When it's time to put her slave to sleep at night, she doesn't allow him to go to sleep normally. She strips him down to his underwear and sits him between her legs. She is happy to get behind him and put him in a sleeper hold. She chokes him and tells him how weak he is because she has to put him to sleep like a baby. She laughs at his red face until he is unconscious.

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