Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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Mistress Cynthia does not like wasting her time to teach slaves what they are supposed to do. But when she has to do it, it is never pretty as her slave came to find out. She went to his room while on her phone and she ordered him to lie on the ground. She got on top of him and trampled him. She then stepped on his neck and strangled him using her foot.

Mistress Cynthia likes to beat up guys who do not follow her instructions. She has no time for those who cannot be directed and she beats them before she lets them go. And that is what she and her friend Lea did to these two guys. They trampled and crushed and choked and strangled them mercilessly. They ignored the guys' pleas for mercy and continued to humiliate and beat them up.

Mistress Maeva loves to humiliate her slave. Her slave does not have any other work in her house except being her punching bag. She loves trying out different skills on him and today she wanted to try her strangling techniques on him. They went for a walk and she surprised him by wrestling him to the ground and choking him using her sleeper hold. When he tried to break free, she used a choke hold technique to make him surrender.

Mistress Kitty and Mistress Maeva come into the living room and they find their loser slave sleeping on the couch so they decide to punish him for sleeping instead of doing his chores around the house. They decide to have some fun with their loser slave as they use their feet and their hands to choke their loser slave. They show him no mercy as he quickly wakes up to having no air into his lungs as his cruel mistresses choke him.

When Mistress Maeva decides to take the day off from work, she knows that she will have a lot of things to do. She has to surprise her slave from a nap and punish him. She sits on the couch and she locks his head between her legs in a choke hold. She then steps on his neck before she puts him on the floor for more choking. Her favorite part of the day was standing on his chest, yelling at him.

Sexy brunette mistress Lea is in the holiday mood as she wears a sexy santa outfit with black fishnet stockings and her boots as she makes her loser slave lay on the floor on his back. She then takes her boots and her full weight and stands on her slaves face and starts a trampling session with him. She then gets on his face and tramples his face and finishes the session by trampling his cock and balls.

Mistress Kitty abuses her slave in the middle of the woods as she stands on his face over and over. She stands on his face over and over crushing the slave and there is nobody there to help him as Mistress Kitty humiliates and abuses him hard in the middle of the woods. He gets his throat crushed by her pretty bare feet and there is nothing he can do.

Mistress Maeva loves spending time at a park. The outdoors to her are so nice and refreshing, but so is bringing her slave along for the journey. She will take off her shoes and step on his face with her feet. She is going to use all of her body weight on his face and chest. The slave will be used and abused outside at the park.

You can never go wrong with Mistress Kitty. She has the best body ever, and the longest legs. She loves to be barefoot and shove her foot in her pathetic slave boy's mouth. She stands on him with all her weight while she steps on his weak pathetic body. Mistress Kitty is a true example of domination at it's finest. A true mistress can dominate a man.

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