Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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Mistress Katja is a sexy blonde mistress and she is having some fun with her loser slave as she lays him on the floor and has him tied up. She then handcuffs her loser slave and she gets on top of him and then wraps her hands around his neck and starts choking him. She then wants to choke him harder so she wraps the rope around his neck and starts choking him with it.

Mistress Katja loves to spend time with her slaves, but only when they are at her hands. She is going to take one of her favorite strangling slaves and hold him to the ground. She is going to get a good enough grip on his throat that he will be begging her to stop, however she is not because after all he is just a slave.

Sexy Russian mistress Katja strangles her slave in a variety of different positions. She begins to strangle him with her bare hands but changes positions and decides to starngle the slave with her bare feet instead. She feels like she hit the right spot as the weak slave begins to struggle and start to gasp for air right away. In the end she ends up sitting on his bare throat.

The sexy Russian mistress Mistress Katja strangles her slave as she chokes him with her bare hands and then ties him up with the white rope and steps on his throat with her sexy purple sandals. He already moans and begs me to stop as he cant take it anymore but Katja continues on with her strangling leaving the slave with no air as he strangles the slave hard.

Mistress Katja is a pretty blonde mistress that loves to show her slave just who is boss. She is going to put on her jeans and a nice yellow shirt before she dominated her slave. The slave will experience a weight bench on his body, along with Mistress Katja sitting on the bench. She just loves brutalizing her slave, because he deserves all the pain.

Mistress Katja loves to have fun, but this time she invites her friend Emely to have some fun too. Not only do these two lovely ladies with long hair brutalize a slave, but they tie him up and let him know just what a bad slave he is. He is helpless with these two brunette beauties dominating him. They make bondage look so good with their great skills.

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