Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

When it comes down to it, she will make him pay his bet off. After he admits that he doesn't have the money to pay her, she takes him to the mat and makes him pay his debt with his pride. She puts on a bikini and puts him into different choke holds. She knows that he isn't expecting to lose consciousness but she makes him do it every time. She laughs at him as he lays unconscious on the floor.

When her slave is ready to stop being defiant, she will stop choking him. She doesn't like leaving him to do things and they remain undone. She is tired of coming home to a home that was unkept so she started to choke him. For each of his transgressions, she put him in a choke hold. By the time she was ready to put him to sleep, he had been in four choke holds.

When it's time to play, Robin likes to play roughly. She loves to take her slave to the mat and choke him. When she tells him to strip out of his shirt, he tenses like he is going to win but he always looses. She knows that he doesn't like it but it's what will happen. When she puts him into 4 choke holds, he is tired, frustrated and humiliated.

When Michelle K decides to choke and strangle her slave, she knows that she has to put her entire body into it. She sits on her slave's chest, telling him that he will beg her for breath in a few moments. She starts to choke him with her hands. Then she sits on his neck. She then presses her legs into his neck, blocking his airway. When she is done, he is gasping and begging for mercy.

When Maria wants to practice, she grabs a slave. She makes sure that he doesn't know what she wants so that he won't get nervous. She grabs her slave and they wrestle on the floor. She is a woman that loves to wrestle but she loves to choke people more. She grabs her slave around his neck and sits on him. She chokes him face to face. Then she pins him on the floor and chokes him. She finally puts him in a sleeper hold and puts him down.

When Lisa comes home, she wants to be in control of everything. She had a bad day at work so she has to make up for it. She comes home and grabs her slave. She knocks him to the floor and ties her rope around his neck. She sits on him and starts to strangle him. When she is ready for him to breathe, she lets it go. She puts her feet in his face to make her point too. She wants him to know he can't breathe without her.

When Gia gets a new male slave, she didn't think he would be so disrespectful. When he told her she was not woman enough to be his mistress, she invited him to her wrestling mat. She stripped down to her red bikini and they wrestled. She told him he was a worthless slave to her until he learned to respect her. When she put him into multiple choke holds, he started to respect her authority. She punished him by putting him to sleep and leaving him there.

When Esther comes home to find her slave sitting down watching television, she is angry. Nothing she told the slave to do is done and she refuses to accept any excuses. She knows there was plenty of time to complete them. When she puts her slave on the chair, she binds her hands behind her back. Once she is bound, she starts to choke her. She doesn't care about being too brutal, she is going to teach this lazy slave a lesson.

When Eleonore comes from the shower, she is dressed and not expecting her slave to misbehave. She binds him and puts him on the punishment bench. She straddles his chest and starts to press down on his mouth. She cuts off his breath. She doesn't want him to drink in her sweet scent. She refuses to let him breath until he has learned his lesson. When she lets him up for air, he pleads and begs but if she doesn't like it, she smothers him again.

When Tomiko gets a new slave, she enjoys training them in the traditional way. She then trains them with her wrestling. She lets them know that when they do something that makes her mad, she will take them to the mat. When her new slave makes a mistake, she takes him and puts him in different choke holds. She makes sure she tells him how worthless he is as a slave and how she is going to enjoy choking him through the weeks to come.

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