Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

The strong and hotter than ever Amber gets her slave, Steve in a sleeper hold as she grabs him from behind the neck putting the muscular slave to sleep with her tight grasp. He is unable to escape Amber as she has him in a vulnerable position and tries to take the breath out of her submissive slave. He becomes a deep shade of red from her tight sleeper hold.

The sexy hot Gothic girl Tina strangles the slave with her sexy black boots, her bare hands and with some rope. She dominates him as she lies on top of him with her sexy body trying to take the breath out of him. She enjoys herself and gets really into choking the weak slave on the floor taking out all of her aggression on the weak guy. She loves it.

This brat girl has a lot of power! Just look at her mighty arms! Their muscles are incredible! But her breasts are giant too! She uses every part of her body to bring Steve down. He has no chance against her. She has so much power that only one hand is enough to keep him on the ground! But of course she also likes it to use both hands to strangle him...!

Merciless Lady Saskia abuses and dominates her male slave as she strangles his throat with her bare hands and bare feet knocking him into submission on the floor. She chokes him brutally with her hands, legs and her feet on his throat. The slave grimaces and moans as she uses all of her might to take the air out of him with her strong hands and bare feet.

The slave gets strangled and smothered in a variety of multiple positions as the sexy Asian beauty in the school girl skirt grabs his throat and covers his mouth with her bare hands. She dominates him on the wrestling mats with her bare hands and gets his throat with a heavy scissor hold from her strong legs. The slave cannot breathe with her smothering and strangulation techniques used on him.

The strong and masculine Sexy Goldie dominates her male slave strangling him in a variety of positions as she pins him into submission on the wrestling mats. The hot redhead Goldie dominates Steve the slave making him succumb to he dangerous moves. She strangles the slaves throat with her bare hands and chokes the breath out of him playing a dangerous game. Afterwards she stands over his body in victory.

Sexy Erotic Model Senna strangles a guy with a rope under her bare feet almost causing him to pass out. She sits on top of him looking naughtily at the camera as she pulls on the rope that is tied tightly around his throat. The slave is on the verge of losing consciousness as sexy Senna gives him a hard core strangling as he lies on the ground before her.

Sexy Russian mistress Katja strangles her slave in a variety of different positions. She begins to strangle him with her bare hands but changes positions and decides to starngle the slave with her bare feet instead. She feels like she hit the right spot as the weak slave begins to struggle and start to gasp for air right away. In the end she ends up sitting on his bare throat.

Muscleman Steve gets his throat crushed by the much smaller Jennifer as she gives him a scissor hold with her very sexy legs. There is no way to escape the muscular and powerful calves and thighs of the sexy Jennifer as she strangles him hard. She pins him into submission bringing him down on the mat with her long legs and he is not able to catch his breath.

Mistress Kitty abuses her slave in the middle of the woods as she stands on his face over and over. She stands on his face over and over crushing the slave and there is nobody there to help him as Mistress Kitty humiliates and abuses him hard in the middle of the woods. He gets his throat crushed by her pretty bare feet and there is nothing he can do.

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