Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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Mistress Kitty and Mistress Maeva come into the living room and they find their loser slave sleeping on the couch so they decide to punish him for sleeping instead of doing his chores around the house. They decide to have some fun with their loser slave as they use their feet and their hands to choke their loser slave. They show him no mercy as he quickly wakes up to having no air into his lungs as his cruel mistresses choke him.

Lily and Lea are two very hot girls that have an edge about them. They love to strangle and choke each other. Not only do they find this type of play exciting, but dominating each other makes them wet. They will take turns dominating and submitting each other till each one uses the safety word. These girls are very brutal and extreme with their bdsm play.

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