Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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When it's time for Cleo Lady Latexxa to relax, she does it in a brutal fashion. She enjoys coming home and throwing her slave to the floor. As she smiles, she puts her feet in his neck and stands with her full weight on him. It amuses her to watch his face turn different shades to pink and red. She loves watching him gasp for breath and beg for mercy.

When Steve took her in to tutor her, he didn't think she would ever learn the holds. He didn't think she would ever be able to choke him. One day, she surprised him and put him into an unbreakable choke hold. As she is choking him, she let him know that he was her bitch now and what she wanted, he would provide. She let him know what he was and who owned him.

Today loser slave Bobby is getting punishes and dominated by Mistress Larissa because she felt like it. She makes him take off his clothes and put on a black thong as he stands in front of her with his back against the wall waiting for her brutal punishment. She toys with him for a little bit before taking her hand and wrapping it around his throat and pushing as hard as she can to choke him!

Mistress Lily has a mission which is to take out Senka by strangling her with her bare hands. She quietly enters Senka's apartment and puts on her thick black leather gloves and flexes her fingers to stretch them out. Then she approaches Senka sleeping on the bed on her stomach and she wraps her fingers around her neck and applies pressure. She squeezes her hands together and chokes Senka until she passes out from the lack of air.

Sexy blonde Svenja smothers him good with her hands, legs and a robe. Finally she controls his breath with sitting on his throat. Svenja dominates her male slave as she is dressed in her sexy black top and bottoms as she grabs him by the throat with her bare hands and strangles him. She then straddles him with her legs at his neck putting pressure on his wind pipe.

This sexy blonde Polish mistress is strangled and choked by the hot sexy brunette as she takes her bare hands and chokes her hard from behind. The Polish mistress has a beautiful perfect neck as the brunette grasps her hard from behind choking the air out of her. The blonde gets a hardcore choking from the hot brunette as both girls turn each other on practicing dangerous breath play.

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