Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

Poor Steve! Again this blonde hottie likes to play with him! He already knows that he has no chance but he still tries to find out. But as you can see she soon enough plays with his head the way she likes it. It looks really painful - and of course it IS really painful! But the pain is something Steve cannot care about at the moment - getting some air to breathe is much more important...!

The titted and big ass Goddess mercedes crushes Steve's throat as she pins him to the wrestling mat with her leg. Mercedes is a big girl and she doesn't mess around as she leans heavily on the slaves throat with her leg cutting off his air supply. She wears her pink top concealing her huge breasts and he thin black thong showing off her nice beefy ass cheeks.

Sexy brunette Cleo Lady Latexxa strangles her male slave crushing his throat with her sexy bare feet. It is a sexy kind of smothering as Cleo Lady Latexxa dominates her slave with her pretty bare feet crushing his throat. She is wearing her tight black dress as she pins her slave to the ground with her bare feet The slave turns a deep shade of red as she smothers him.

This sexy blonde Polish mistress is strangled and choked by the hot sexy brunette as she takes her bare hands and chokes her hard from behind. The Polish mistress has a beautiful perfect neck as the brunette grasps her hard from behind choking the air out of her. The blonde gets a hardcore choking from the hot brunette as both girls turn each other on practicing dangerous breath play.

The sexy Russian mistress Mistress Katja strangles her slave as she chokes him with her bare hands and then ties him up with the white rope and steps on his throat with her sexy purple sandals. He already moans and begs me to stop as he cant take it anymore but Katja continues on with her strangling leaving the slave with no air as he strangles the slave hard.

This blonde hottie has a lot of power! Especially her arms are weapons! Steve thought that he has a chance to win against her. But it only takes her few moments and then she dominates him however she likes it. She puts his head into a sleeper hold and he cannot breath anymore. His head turns red but she continues to strangle him. If she won't loosen her hold, Steve will...

The gorgeous but muscular blonde megan avalon puts her slave in a sleeper hold position squeezing the air out of him by grabbing his neck from behind. He is a strong man but is taken down by an equally strong megan avalon as the hot blonde puts him into submission by placing him in the sleeper hold position. The slaves face turns a deep red as he has the air taken.

Hot girl Dixie Comets ass smothers her male slave by putting his neck in a very tight head scissor. He didn't believe she was this strong but she proved hi wrong by putting all of her weight on top of him and that twisting his neck with her very powerful thighs. Dixie Comets is wearing her sexy spandex as she twists the slaves neck with her strong and powerful thighs.

Hot brunette Lili in her sexy glasses strangles her female slave by choking her first with her bare hands and then trying to squeeze the air out of her with a rope tied around her neck. She gags her with the rope as she ties it very tight around the young ladies neck. Lili is so sexy and cruel as she squeezes the air out of Lea by strangling her.

The sexy Spanish beauty Loretta strangles Richie in the bedroom. She is naked with only her red stockings on as she has him pinned against the red wall wit her stocking feet to his throat. He fights for air as she has him pinned against the wall trying to catch his breath. She squeezes all the air out of him with whole strength with her lovely feet at the neck.

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