Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

Mistress Daidra wanted some information from her slave but he did not want to give it. He did not want to implicate and incriminate himself so he tried to act tough. The mistress threw him down on the floor and then used her foot to strangle him. When he was nearly choking, he panicked and told her everything she wanted to know. And she punished him again for what he had done.

Mistress Onyx hates guys who brag She was working out at the gym when this guy bragged about how strong he was and that he wanted her. She ignored him but he could not take a hint. She wanted to put an end to it so she moved closer to him and surprised him with a chokehold. Within a few minutes, he was down and struggling to break free from her. It was painful and he begged her to let her go. She let her go with a warning never to brag or disturb other people.

Mistress Cynthia does not like wasting her time to teach slaves what they are supposed to do. But when she has to do it, it is never pretty as her slave came to find out. She went to his room while on her phone and she ordered him to lie on the ground. She got on top of him and trampled him. She then stepped on his neck and strangled him using her foot.

Mistress Sibilla went to her boyfriend and found him watching porn. She had read about all the problems that were brought about by porn and she wanted to make him stop. She strangled him and tried to draw a comparison between what porn would do to him and what she would do to him. She crushed and strangled him using her feet. He begged her to let him go and promised to stop watching porn.

Mistress Anna is a hot mistress. She likes rough fun and is always looking for those who enjoy it too. She is also a lesbian and she met this outgoing and interesting girl. The girl wanted to try things so she taught her the art of kink. She threw her down and choked her with her hands. It turned them both on and they had amazing fun and then did it again.

Mistress Anne likes to prove people wrong. She is pretty and looks harmless. And therein lies her strength. Guys underestimate her and try to mess with her. But they always get surprised and only have themselves to blame when she beats them up. This guy tried and she choked him and held him in a choke hold. He tried to break free but she had a vice like grip and he could not manage.

Mistress Damaris and her friend mistress Camil like to have fun at the expense of others. They love it when they are able to make someone else miserable but have fun while doing it. Today it was the turn of this guy to endure their humiliation and torture. They strangled him and slapped him and tortured him greatly. Not even his cries of pain and pleas for mercy could help him.

Mistress Cynthia likes to beat up guys who do not follow her instructions. She has no time for those who cannot be directed and she beats them before she lets them go. And that is what she and her friend Lea did to these two guys. They trampled and crushed and choked and strangled them mercilessly. They ignored the guys' pleas for mercy and continued to humiliate and beat them up.

Empress Cruel had stayed with her boyfriend for a long time but he had never known that she was a tough wrestler. He came home pissed and tried to hit her because of what she had done but she turned the tables on him and strangled him. She humiliated him and made him cry like a little girl. He begged her for mercy and she laughed at him before letting him go.

This mistress knows how to fight and to wrestle. But she likes to kep that to herself and not show off. She likes it when someone tries to mess with her and she surprises him and beats him up. This guy thought he was big bodies and muscular and could beat her. He looked down on her and tried to bully her. But he was surprised when she turned on him and beat him up and strangled him. He had to beg her to let him go and was on the verge of tears.

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