Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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This guy did not do anything to lady Scarlet and that is why he was shocked at what she did to him. The mistress got on top of him and she choked him without any care in the world. The mistress also slapped him and she laughed about it. He tried to plead his case but she did not do what he expected her to do which was to be sympathetic to him.

Mistress Gaia does not like to be shortchanged by anyone but this guy had the balls to do it. He did not know what price he was going to pay for that and he did not care. He did not think she would do anything about it and that is why he was shocked when she actually did. She settled for strangling him to make him realize that he was never to do that again.

This mistress did not like how her slave talked to her. She had to teach him a lesson he would never forget and she did it. She did it by strangling him so that he could realize she held all the cards. She used her knee to do it and it was extremely painful besides him nearly choking to death. From then on, they never had any issues as the slave knew his place.

Mistress Daidra wanted some information from her slave but he did not want to give it. He did not want to implicate and incriminate himself so he tried to act tough. The mistress threw him down on the floor and then used her foot to strangle him. When he was nearly choking, he panicked and told her everything she wanted to know. And she punished him again for what he had done.

Lady Sue wanted to show her boyfriend that she was not a push over. She told him she could beat him but he laughed. She wore a sexy lingerie and told him he could fuck her anyway he wanted if he beat her. She wrestled him to the ground and surprised him with a sleeper hold. She choked him with her choke hold and tied him up before using her gym bench to strangle him and choke him. He cried and begged her for mercy.

Sexy blond Mistress has a slave in a chokehold. She actually wants to strangle him but he putting up a bit of resistance. Which is understandable as he probably does not want to die or pass out. Though the blonde Mistress has to show her dominance and make sure the dumb slave knows she is the boss and she is the one giving orders. He better listen to her if he knows whats good for him. This strangling and choking game is not just fun past time. This is serious business, and it is not over until someone gets hurt

Steve is a slave that every mistress must take a crack at. He has a mouth and tends to think he is dominating. However, a very pretty blonde mistress is putting him in his place with the strongest choke hold ever. Steve is finding out that he is nothing more than a punk bitch with a large mouth. The mistress is making him look so bad.

Amber Deluca will not only get her slave down on the ground, but she is going to use her very powerful body to dominate the slave to the fullest. The slave has no choice, but to comply with all of Amber's demands, because otherwise he is going to end up in very deep shit. The slave is so fucking pathetic and the biggest loser ever in Amber's eyes.

Loser slaves are always going to be around for powerful ladies. One loser slave thinks he can handle all of the wrath a powerful mistress with strong arms is going to dish out his way. He is going to be sadly mistaken as she is choking him out. The slave is so fucking pathetic as she is laughing at him in all the painful choking positions.

Jenny is a hot mistress, but her true passion is when she is punishing her slaves. Jenny will hold onto one of her slaves, but not in a good way. She is going to push him down to the ground, and she will use her toned leg as a way to pin his loser ass down to the ground. The slave is loving every minute of this punishment.

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