Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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When Steve took her in to tutor her, he didn't think she would ever learn the holds. He didn't think she would ever be able to choke him. One day, she surprised him and put him into an unbreakable choke hold. As she is choking him, she let him know that he was her bitch now and what she wanted, he would provide. She let him know what he was and who owned him.

Hot wrestling goddess Maria chokes Steve the slave on the wrestling mat knocking him into submission. She looks very hot in her red top and bottom as she punishes the male slave making him little bitch on the mat. She uses a combination of different wrestling techniques on him putting him into a submissive state. Steve is a muscular guy but he is no match for the hot Maria.

Hot blonde dominatrix Maria chokes and strangles Steve the slave as she grabs him in a combination of arm-choke and sleeper-holds. She is dressed in her neon yellow top and bottom looking very sexy as she starngles his neck from behind with her muscular defined arms. Steve is not able to escape her dangerous holds as he is forced on the wrestling mat into submission. His air supply is cut.

The strong and masculine Sexy Goldie dominates her male slave strangling him in a variety of positions as she pins him into submission on the wrestling mats. The hot redhead Goldie dominates Steve the slave making him succumb to he dangerous moves. She strangles the slaves throat with her bare hands and chokes the breath out of him playing a dangerous game. Afterwards she stands over his body in victory.

The titted and big ass Goddess mercedes crushes Steve's throat as she pins him to the wrestling mat with her leg. Mercedes is a big girl and she doesn't mess around as she leans heavily on the slaves throat with her leg cutting off his air supply. She wears her pink top concealing her huge breasts and he thin black thong showing off her nice beefy ass cheeks.

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