Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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The sexy Russian mistress Mistress Katja strangles her slave as she chokes him with her bare hands and then ties him up with the white rope and steps on his throat with her sexy purple sandals. He already moans and begs me to stop as he cant take it anymore but Katja continues on with her strangling leaving the slave with no air as he strangles the slave hard.

Hot girl Dixie Comets ass smothers her male slave by putting his neck in a very tight head scissor. He didn't believe she was this strong but she proved hi wrong by putting all of her weight on top of him and that twisting his neck with her very powerful thighs. Dixie Comets is wearing her sexy spandex as she twists the slaves neck with her strong and powerful thighs.

The sexy Spanish beauty Loretta strangles Richie in the bedroom. She is naked with only her red stockings on as she has him pinned against the red wall wit her stocking feet to his throat. He fights for air as she has him pinned against the wall trying to catch his breath. She squeezes all the air out of him with whole strength with her lovely feet at the neck.

Lady Malu is a very innocent looking mistress, but she also is so brutal. Lady Malu will put on her very virginal dress and choke the shit out of her slave in front of her. Choking her slave is one of her favorite things to do, but she also likes to take her bare feet and step on his throat trampling him. He is a good slave.

Lady Kim is so strong and powerful. No man or slave would ever want to mess with her, because she can kick their ass. Lady Kim will stomp on her slave's neck with her bare feet. She also will use her hands to choke her slave. Lady Kim is very dominating and will do whatever she wants to her pathetic loser slaves. They should be happy to be in front of her.

Mistress Maeva loves spending time at a park. The outdoors to her are so nice and refreshing, but so is bringing her slave along for the journey. She will take off her shoes and step on his face with her feet. She is going to use all of her body weight on his face and chest. The slave will be used and abused outside at the park.

Juliette is a very hot blonde babe that loves to dominate and choke her slaves. She is going to get a hold of her slave, and let him know that he is going to be dominated to the fullest with her strong hands. Juliette loves to show Richie that she is the boss. Richie is going to have a hard time breathing with Juliette's firm grip.

Insessa is so sexy with her long hair, but when she wears her denim shorts, she is a site to see. She loves to take her pathetic slave and use a rope around his neck. He doesn't get much of a choice where to move when she is in charge. She is going to smother his face with her bare sweaty feet so he knows he is weak.

Lady Kathrin means business, so when she decides that her slave at work is not doing the job she told him to do, she gets very angry. She is going to throw him on the ground and stomp on his throat and body. She will smother him, so he knows that his performance is not acceptable. She is never wrong and very sadistic and brutal at work.

Lady Manon is a first class dominatrix that is amazing to look at. She is so freaking sexy and hot, so when she decides to brutalize her slave, it is such a great site to see. She is going to take her naughty outfit and smother her ass and pussy right on his face, then step on him when her perfect bare feet. Her slave is going to be punished.

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