Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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Diana might appear to be a sweet girl next door, but that is not the case. Diana is a mean blonde that loves to get her groove on by smothering her slave and kicking him with her bare feet. Even if she thinks her slave is in pain, she doesn't care. She is going to show him who the boss is, and he is going to take it like a man.

Steve can't get enough of tough girls beating him up. Not only does he keep going back for more, this tough girl in pretty pig tails has a super tight choke on Steve's throat. He looks like he is getting brutalized hardcore by this hot blonde with tattoos all over her arms. He has a thing for women with muscles and tattoos. She is a tough girl.

Lady Latexxa could not be anymore sadistic, but yet so classy and sexy. She has pretty shoulder length hair, but she totally gets off when it comes time to dominate a slave. She holds him down and she chokes him. She even puts her knee on this throat to let him know who is boss. Lady Latexxa is beyond brutal and loves every minute of it.

Kortney gives new meaning to the lovely world of choking and wrestling. She has a super cut haircut and looks really nice and innocent, but inside she is a muscular female and is totally into domination. She gets her slave boy Steve into a nice hardcore choke. Will he make it out of this hardcore hold? Kortney will allow him out if he is good and obeys.

Stella is so freaking hot, but even hotter when she puts on her pretty white panties and tank top chocking her young slave boy. He might appear to like it, but what man is going to enjoy a hot girl with pretty hair sitting on top of him letting him know that he is no match for Stella. She is going to teach him a very valuable lesson.

Jennifer is famous for her brutality. She also is great at choke holds on her much larger slaves. Even the biggest of muscles is no match for her. She takes pride putting on her black dress and getting her slave into the tightest choke hold. Any slave should be so scared of her and what she is capable of doing, because it truly is very brutal.

Lady Sayas just doesn't get anymore brutal, especially when she gets out her rope and starts to choke her pathetic weak slave. She is too hot with her large boobs and her hot sexy black boots. She is totally dominating this slave by stepping on him with her boots and letting him know that she is in control and going to whip him if he isn't a good boy.

Domination just got even better, Daidra a super sexy brunette playboy model is showing her slave that she not only has pretty feet, but she is going to allow her slave to sniff her feet and be trampled. The slave doesn't appear to be too upset over the experience, as a matter of fact he looks as though he is loving every minute of her gorgeous foot on his face.

Liz is the hottest blonde ever! She has cute pigtails, but don't let those pigtails fool you. She also is a mean vicious girl that loves to put super tight hold's on her slaves. Wrestling is one of the things that Liz does best. Whether it is a hold or she just pins her slave down, Liz is in complete control over what she is doing.

Sweet russian girl Adriana isn't the sweetest girl in the world. As a matter of fact, she is down right brutal to her slaves. Adriana has a good hold on her slave, and is going to take her pretty feet and stomp on his neck while he is all tied up. Adriana loves torturing her slave, and she sure is making the color red look even better.

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