Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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Sue X is a sexy mistress who is wearing a pair of blue jeans with her bare feet and she is standing on her slaves back with her full weight with her foot pressing down on his neck. She also has a rope wrapped around the front of his beck and as she presses down on his neck and pulls up on the rope and chokes her loser slave with her full strength.

When it's time for Cleo Lady Latexxa to relax, she does it in a brutal fashion. She enjoys coming home and throwing her slave to the floor. As she smiles, she puts her feet in his neck and stands with her full weight on him. It amuses her to watch his face turn different shades to pink and red. She loves watching him gasp for breath and beg for mercy.

Lady Saya does different things to make sure that her day runs well. When she is feeling frustrated, she calls her slave to her. She puts him on the floor and sits on his neck. she knows that he is struggling to breathe and all and breathing the scent of her pussy in. She gets up and starts to choke him with her hands. She loves it. Before she leaves him alone, she sits her ass on his throat again to make him smell it before she leaves. She loves having a slave.

When Michelle K decides to choke and strangle her slave, she knows that she has to put her entire body into it. She sits on her slave's chest, telling him that he will beg her for breath in a few moments. She starts to choke him with her hands. Then she sits on his neck. She then presses her legs into his neck, blocking his airway. When she is done, he is gasping and begging for mercy.

When Lisa comes home, she wants to be in control of everything. She had a bad day at work so she has to make up for it. She comes home and grabs her slave. She knocks him to the floor and ties her rope around his neck. She sits on him and starts to strangle him. When she is ready for him to breathe, she lets it go. She puts her feet in his face to make her point too. She wants him to know he can't breathe without her.

When Eleonore comes from the shower, she is dressed and not expecting her slave to misbehave. She binds him and puts him on the punishment bench. She straddles his chest and starts to press down on his mouth. She cuts off his breath. She doesn't want him to drink in her sweet scent. She refuses to let him breath until he has learned his lesson. When she lets him up for air, he pleads and begs but if she doesn't like it, she smothers him again.

Sexy blond Mistress has a slave in a chokehold. She actually wants to strangle him but he putting up a bit of resistance. Which is understandable as he probably does not want to die or pass out. Though the blonde Mistress has to show her dominance and make sure the dumb slave knows she is the boss and she is the one giving orders. He better listen to her if he knows whats good for him. This strangling and choking game is not just fun past time. This is serious business, and it is not over until someone gets hurt

Jenny is a hot mistress, but her true passion is when she is punishing her slaves. Jenny will hold onto one of her slaves, but not in a good way. She is going to push him down to the ground, and she will use her toned leg as a way to pin his loser ass down to the ground. The slave is loving every minute of this punishment.

Vanessa is a sexy girl. I'm sure you would like it to play with her. Maybe that was the last thing her poor victim thought so too...! But instead of playing with her she is the one who plays with others! Her new slave lies on the ground and she sits on his chest. He cannot move anymore. But to further punish him she uses a rope to strangle him! He takes his ability to breathe. She only loosens her grasp from time to time so she can delay his end a little bit...!

This skinny slave gets dominated by the Punk Rock Lady Dominique as she strangles and chokes the poor guy with her Hands and Feet and by sitting on his throat with her hot chains. She looks hot in her black dress and her tattoos as she dominates and humiliates the skinny little male slave on the floor. He is submissive to her as she strangles him with her hands.

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