Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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Lily and Lea are two very hot girls that have an edge about them. They love to strangle and choke each other. Not only do they find this type of play exciting, but dominating each other makes them wet. They will take turns dominating and submitting each other till each one uses the safety word. These girls are very brutal and extreme with their bdsm play.

Juliette is a very hot blonde babe that loves to dominate and choke her slaves. She is going to get a hold of her slave, and let him know that he is going to be dominated to the fullest with her strong hands. Juliette loves to show Richie that she is the boss. Richie is going to have a hard time breathing with Juliette's firm grip.

Katharina is so strong and dominating, only a true fool would question her strength and flexibility. She is going to take her loser slave and crush him. She is going to choke him between her strong thighs, get him in a head lock, and even place her feet on his throat. The slave will never mess with her again, and knows she means business. He is so weak.

Jeanette can be a brutal dominatrix, but when her slave challenges her strength, the only thing she can do is hold him down and choke him. With all of her power and strength, she is going to show him who is boss and to never question her strength again. She gets a good grip on him, so he knows she is very serious about challenging her again.

Lady Monon is a sexy blonde mistress that takes her slave and chokes him out with the power of her bare hands. She sits on top of him and she wraps her hands around his throat and she then takes body weight and presses forward squeezing her slaves throat as hard as she possibly could. She makes sure that her slave does not get any fresh air as she chokes him.

Stella is so freaking hot, but even hotter when she puts on her pretty white panties and tank top chocking her young slave boy. He might appear to like it, but what man is going to enjoy a hot girl with pretty hair sitting on top of him letting him know that he is no match for Stella. She is going to teach him a very valuable lesson.

Lady Sayas just doesn't get anymore brutal, especially when she gets out her rope and starts to choke her pathetic weak slave. She is too hot with her large boobs and her hot sexy black boots. She is totally dominating this slave by stepping on him with her boots and letting him know that she is in control and going to whip him if he isn't a good boy.

Domination just got even better, Daidra a super sexy brunette playboy model is showing her slave that she not only has pretty feet, but she is going to allow her slave to sniff her feet and be trampled. The slave doesn't appear to be too upset over the experience, as a matter of fact he looks as though he is loving every minute of her gorgeous foot on his face.

Sweet russian girl Adriana isn't the sweetest girl in the world. As a matter of fact, she is down right brutal to her slaves. Adriana has a good hold on her slave, and is going to take her pretty feet and stomp on his neck while he is all tied up. Adriana loves torturing her slave, and she sure is making the color red look even better.

Gothic girl Tina takes gothic loving to a whole new level of domination. She is so brutal with her nice black leather boots. Her slave is going to get a great view of those boots. She even steps on his throat with her boots! Gothic girl Tina gets out the rope and lets her slave know that she is going to wrap the rope around his neck and show him who is boss.

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