Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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Mistress Anna wanted to choke her slave to get some sense into his head. She wanted to send a message that she was fed up with his bull shit and she would not allow it any longer. She went to his room and found him lying on his bed. She then used her feet to strangle him till he begged for mercy and apologized for all the wrongs he had ever done.

Mistress Tatianna was tired of being hit on by this horny guy all the time and she sought to put an end to it. She lured him to her place where she surprised him with a strong choke hold. She turned to a sleeper hold and the guy tried to break free from her strangle hold but could not and had to resort to begging to be let go promising never to hit on her again.

Mistress Gina was tired of trampling slaves so she decided to come up with a different way of humiliating and punishing them. She decided to try strangling but to make it fun, she did not use her hands. Instead, she used her ass to do it. She would make a slave lie down and she would facesit on him and make him smell her ass as she used her ass to choke her.

This mistress was tired of how this guy liked to bully others in the gym. She followed him to the VIP room where he liked to sit before and after his workout. He tried to make fun of him but she surprised him by sleeper holding him. The choke hold was so tight he could not break free. He panicked and begged for mercy as he was starting to choke. He learned a valuable lesson and became humble.

Mistress Marinka wanted to try strangling fetish and to make it fun, she decided to use her ass to do it. She made her slave lie on the bed and she sat on him. Instead of sitting on his face like many mistresses do, she sat on his neck. She wanted to cut air supply to him via the wind pipe. She did it for a few minutes and when he started straggling for air, she let him go.

This slave was used to being trampled and slapped. But today the mistress wanted to try something else. So she called him to her room and when he came, she asked him to sit on the floor facing away from her. When he did, she strangled him using her hands and played with his breath retention skills. The slave was in pain but when he was nearly choking, she let him go.

Mistress Daidra wanted some information from her slave but he did not want to give it. He did not want to implicate and incriminate himself so he tried to act tough. The mistress threw him down on the floor and then used her foot to strangle him. When he was nearly choking, he panicked and told her everything she wanted to know. And she punished him again for what he had done.

Mistress Damaris and her friend mistress Camil like to have fun at the expense of others. They love it when they are able to make someone else miserable but have fun while doing it. Today it was the turn of this guy to endure their humiliation and torture. They strangled him and slapped him and tortured him greatly. Not even his cries of pain and pleas for mercy could help him.

Mistress Maeva loves to humiliate her slave. Her slave does not have any other work in her house except being her punching bag. She loves trying out different skills on him and today she wanted to try her strangling techniques on him. They went for a walk and she surprised him by wrestling him to the ground and choking him using her sleeper hold. When he tried to break free, she used a choke hold technique to make him surrender.

Princess Cera is a great flirt. She is a hot mistress and she knows it. And she loves to use her looks and her seductive prowess to do what she wants. Today she wanted to try strangling fetish and she went and got a guy whom she flirted with and made extremely horny. Then she told him she is turned on by the choking fetish and the guy agreed because he thought that he would turn her on and fuck her.

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