Strangling Choking

These girls love to strangle their victims! They smother them until there is no more breathe left in their lungs...!

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Lily and Maryations are two sexy girls that love to smother each other. They also love to play games like cops and robbers. They are going to get dressed up, and role play with each other. Each babe is going to smother the other babe. Smothering and choking is a game that turns each of these sexy ladies on. The more sadistic the better for them.

Insessa is so sexy with her long hair, but when she wears her denim shorts, she is a site to see. She loves to take her pathetic slave and use a rope around his neck. He doesn't get much of a choice where to move when she is in charge. She is going to smother his face with her bare sweaty feet so he knows he is weak.

A super fit tattooed girl loves to show men just how strong she is, because she is really good at arm bars. She really gives it to Steve, and he is dying in pain, because she has a super grip on his arm. She is rocking back and forth on his body causing him pain and giving him great agony. Steve might think twice about messing with her.

Hot tattooed girl loves to wrestle boys that don't know how to behave. Some men think they can take her on, but most of the time, she always wins. She has a great body with some cool tattoos. She even smiles as she is holding her slave into a super tight choke hold. Next time her slave is going to think twice about crossing her.

Jennifer could not get anymore sadistic that she already is. She is muscular, toned, and super hot. She makes pig tails look so good. She also is a master at wrestling, and can really kick the crap out of her slaves. Any wrestling moves, Jennifer can do it really well, making her slave beg for mercy. You have to love Jennifer's attention to wrestling detail.

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